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Making a house a home is no small small feat, but we are here to guide you through it, or take the reigns and do it all. Anything from color story selection to renovations, we work with you and value your goals. We are a full service design firm offering a unique approach to interiors and would be honored to help you get away from decorating "big box" focus on how you actually live in and use your space with. 

We love to mix the old and the new, have your story meet your vision, and combine your needs and wants all into one comfortable space for you to enjoy every day. The process should be fun and enlightening, and the outcome should be more than you were expecting. Making a house a home is no small small feat, but we are here to guide you through it, or take the reigns. We offer flexible options for all budgets and we work with all styles.


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Full Service:


Our full service offerings can be booked by the hour or project and require you live in a 45 mile radius of Nashville, TN. We travel to select locations outside of the Nashville if the project calls for it. Full service design is where you share your dreams and vision for your home and share what inspires you. I then create a plan to give you the space you have been dreaming of walking into, soup-to-nuts. This can include painting, managing subcontractors, shopping, styling, room layout, paint selection, art curation and placement, custom furniture, rehabilitation, and renovation.





Shop + Style: 


You know what you like and you need a pal to help you pull it all together. We (or me) shop, we chat, I layout your room and style it. No sub-contractor management. This service is offered at a per hour rate or as an edesign service to Nashville and surrounding areas.



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Interior eDesign: Our design, in a Box 

Lost and live far away? eDesign is a great solution for someone who doesn't mind getting their hands a little dirty, but needs help pulling it all together. Your Design-in-a-Box kit will include a color story kit, a room layout kit, a shopping guide, and instructions on how to put it all together (in order!). In addition to the kit you will get a Skype sessions with me (so it's kind of like we are in the same room) during the process in addition to a bank of hours dedicated to answering emails and phone calls to walk you through. Our Design-in-a-Box kit can be delivered two ways: digitally, or in an actual box that shows up to your doorstep with swatches and samples. Don't need the whole Design-in-a-Box? 

We offer the following items a la carte:

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► Art Layouts
► Accessories Mood Boards
► Wall Art Ideas
► Be a Personal Shopping
► Window Design Ideas
► Event + Brand Styling

► Paint Colors
► Space Plan
► Renderings
► Mood Boards
► Shopping Lists
► Window Treatment Ideas
► Shopping Lists


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