photo Alyssa Rosenheck 

photo Alyssa Rosenheck 

Rich Hippies was launched out of necessity for the fat baby. Our son Atlas fit into nothing, so we made something soft and sturdy and others wanted it too, so we made more. Then more. Now we have an American factory churning out cozy yoga pants and more to serve the need for cozy yoga pants for fat and skinny baby's alike.

In November of 2014, we launched our Nashville flagship. Come say hi!

1204 4th Ave North, Nashville TN


@richhippies | @richhippieshouse

In May 2018 we launched The Rich Hippies House in West Palm Beach. An event space and vacation rental to host your next gathering.  We also host monthly Rich Hippies Events there, so make sure to join our mailing list if you want to gather!

Behind the scenes:

Family of three, exploring the world. Lover of all things that make a happy home, no matter where we are. Design enthusiasts, amateur travel journalists,

1/3 vegan, 1/3 vegetarian and 1/3 will eat anything. 

Joey makes music for film, tv, and commercials.

Lana designs children's clothing, owns a kids shop in Nashville, and will be published in Spring '19.

Together we travel the world, renovate properties and share our experiences here

We believe in community, home schooling, being nice, and learning what the world has to teach us.