Web/Instagram/Shop Terms

all sales final in store // online // via instagram

Hi Friends! Please note we had to implement some rules via Instagram sales. We are a tiny little company working many hours every day to brings you high quality children's, baby, and home goods to make your homes and littles look their best. Every time you claim an item on Instagram and the invoice goes unpaid or canceled you have created a ton of work for us to get you your item and took away the opportunity for a guest in the shop to buy that item. That makes us sad, and makes our operations stricter and stricter...

1.) Once you provide your PayPal email, consider the item sold to you. You have 24 hours to pay your PayPal invoice, then your item goes back on the rack and your invoice is canceled. Repeat offenders of canceled or unpaid invoices will be blocked from the @richhippies Instagram account and can purchase directly from the shop or on richhippies.co.

2.) If an invoice goes unpaid or is canceled, next comment with a PayPal address will be invoiced, and tagged. Same rules apply that there is 24 hours to pay.

3.) All customer service should be directed to hello@richhippies.co (this includes giveaways, questions about your order, preorders, etc). Sometimes we get so many comments in a short period that what you say gets lost, and that's no fun.  

4.) Instagram is a fun way for us to give you all first dibs on new items and interact on a daily basis. We want to keep it that way, so cut us a break and only claim goods you plan on buying. We would hate to leave you out of the fun. 

5.) Preorders are just that, items which we don't have in-hand or have not been made. Why preorder? It guarantees you will get the item you wish because we often sell out of items (sometimes in 15 minutes!). Preorders usually take between 3-6 weeks to get to us and we usually ship immediately 2-3 day air. Processeing can take up to 4 days. 

6.) We are not responsible for lost or damaged mail. All shipments can be tracked via USPS and an email will be sent when your shipping label is created.

7.) Bad vibes will be blocked.